Committee Members

Sheri Bobeck, Chairman

Linda Barkley ~ Gretchen Kalinay ~ Kitty Kromer ~ Karen Marcu ~ Deb Seevers ~ Anna Marie Vaughn

Leanna Welsh, secretary

Meeting Dates

October 18, 2019 ~ November 22, 2019 ~ February 7, 2020** ~ April 24, 2020
(please note: the October 18, 2019 meeting has been cancelled).

** -  The February 7th meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather. 
The next LPDC Meeting will be held Friday, February 28, 2020 at 8:30 a.m.


•  Please click here for a copy of the LPDC By-Laws

•  Instructions for entering your Individual Professional Development Plan into HR Kiosk, please click here.

•  Instructions for entering Professional Development/College Credit into HR Kiosk, please click here.

•  License Renewal Checklist, please click here.

•  Instructions for License Renewal Procedures, coming soon.
       (the LPDC IRN number can be found in these instructions)

•  Verification Form for Educators leaving CCESC , please click here.

To contact the LPD Committe, please e-mail us at: ccesc_lpdc@ccesc.k12.oh.us

Contact Us

The Columbiana County Educational
                        Service Center
Anna Marie Vaughn, Superintendent
38720 Saltwell Road
Lisbon, OH 44432

Phone: (330) 424-9591
Fax : (330) 424-9481



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